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Mobilizing and Connecting People to Take Targeted Action

Food waste represents a unique opportunity to generate a positive financial, social, and environmental return on investment. To make that happen, it will require stakeholders to collaborate and coordinate across the value chain. ReFED facilitates this by building high-value partnerships, identifying unique groups strengths to make progress together, and incentivizing new players into the food waste space.

ReFED focuses on convening a network of influential thought leaders and decision-makers across private and public entities to enable collective action around food waste solutions and issues that require a systems-based approach. This includes managing our industry and sector partnerships, our internal and external advisory structures, and hosting cross-sector events, including the annual Food Waste Summit.

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The food system is large, complex, and ever-evolving — requiring coordination, knowledge sharing, and creative collaboration. ReFED mobilizes several strategic partnerships, each of which brings together key players to collaboratively work towards a more sustainable, resilient, and inclusive food system. Leading and participating in these partnerships enables ReFED to cement its role as the central convener on U.S. food waste solutions and foster collective action among partners in the sector.

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ReFED’s strength has long rested in the power of the people who surround, advise and contribute to our work. Our Advisory Council and Food Waste Action Network are comprised of individuals and organizations across the food system, who inform the ReFED’s strategic initiatives, offer technical expertise, and collectively provide a holistic analysis of the challenges and opportunities to reduce wasted food by 2030.

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With our central role in the U.S. food system, ReFED looks for opportunities to connect and mobilize stakeholders to share information, inspire action, and collaborate on key projects in food waste reduction. 

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