The ReFED Catalytic Grant Fund

Capital is a Critical Lever in the Fight against Food Waste

ReFED’s analysis of current financial and industry data shows that $14 billion in annual funding is needed to accelerate and scale solutions to food waste if we are to have a chance at reaching national and international goals to reduce food waste by 50% by the year 2030.

Of that total amount, $3 billion is needed in catalytic funding – capital that is patient, risk-tolerant, and flexible in order to unlock impact. Catalytic capital tends to be the first money-in, thereby having a multiplier effect that can stimulate larger amounts of future, more traditional sources of funding; it can also help overcome system-level barriers, de-risk new innovations, and solve agency problems.

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The ReFED Catalytic Grant Fund

In recognition of this need – and leveraging ReFED’s knowledge and network related to food waste – we are excited to introduce the ReFED Catalytic Grant Fund, a new five-year initiative designed to provide a total of $20 million in funding from calculated, yet risk-tolerant, philanthropic sources to de-risk and scale high-impact solutions to food waste.

Over its life, the ReFED Catalytic Grant Fund and its grantees will work to have a significant impact on the diversion of food waste; reduction of GHG emissions; rescue of healthy, culturally-appropriate meals for those in need, and saving of natural resources.

$20M Grants over five years aiming to achieve

How The Fund Works

The ReFED Catalytic Grant Fund distributes recoverable and non-recoverable grants to for-profit companies, nonprofit organizations, and other initiatives across the food waste solution spectrum – from prevention to rescue to recycling.

Examples of what the Grant Fund could support include:

  • The expansion of a gleaning operation’s geographic footprint.
  • A food rescue organization's acquisition of cold storage infrastructure.
  • Growth of a community composter through new technology.
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How You Can Engage

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Contribute to the ReFED Catalytic Grant Fund

We are deeply grateful to our anchor funder, Google, and all other donors who share our mission and vision for a more sustainable, equitable, and inclusive food system. If you would like to learn more about the Fund and discuss a contribution, please email Alexandria Coari at [email protected] or enter your information in the form below.

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Grantee Portfolio

The ReFED Catalytic Grant Fund provides nonprofit and for-profit organizations with recoverable and non-recoverable grants to de-risk and scale high-impact solutions to food waste. The first round of grantees included the following organizations:

Upcycled Food Association is a nonprofit focused on convening, connecting, and growing awareness of the power of upcycling to fight food waste.

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Food Recovery Network is a nonprofit growing their proven model of donation coordination and matching with a DEIJ lens.

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Hidden Gems is a for-profit business which offers a solution to recycle the 800M pounds per year of nutrient-rich avocado pits that currently go into landfill.

Learn More

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ReFED will be sharing out regular updates on upcoming information sessions and open calls for grantees via email. To receive updates, please complete the form below. For media inquiries or general questions , please email us at cataly[email protected].

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